sometimes, you need to know where you’re at
to get to where you want to be

What is Assessment?

Assessment is The Capitalist Alliance’s proprietary method for providing an independent view of where your business is at and identifying foundational improvements to help you get your business where you want to be

Our two working meetings allow us to learn about you and your business. We use guided discussions to understand what prosperity means to you, and what role your business plays in achieving that.

We present the discoveries gained in the working sessions to you in structured, actionable initiatives that will increase the value and autonomy of your business, helping you achieve prosperity. You can choose to implement these initiatives with your existing resources or let our team of seasoned entrepreneurs do the heavy lifting. Whatever you choose, know that the business opportunity Assessment is your guide to getting what you want out of your business.

What is the process?

  • Two working sessions involving you, the business owner and the Capitalist Alliance team.

  • We present our findings, which typically include 4 – 6 tangible improvements that will increase the value of your company or help your company be less dependent on you.

  • Along with the identified improvements, we present an implementation plan for our team to assist you, along with fixed pricing for our involvement. 

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat fee of $2,500. No surprises or hidden charges.

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The owner of a 30 year old professional services firm began thinking about an eventual exit from her business.  She wanted to identify ways that she could improve the value of her business and make it less dependent on her. 

The business assessment identified six foundational improvements involving operational processes, marketing systems, branding, core values, staffing strategy, and management reporting systems.  While she had personally identified two of these areas as potential priorities, our outside perspective revealed four other ways to increase the value of her business and make it less dependent on her as an owner.