Trainable, Retainable, Scalable


My background is in operations – from call centers to restaurant kitchens, claims processing centers and everything in between. I’ve spent time everywhere from the bottom to the top of the chain, in places where things ran smoothly, and in places that were overrun with chaos. Those years taught me that the operations are the heart of an organization. It’s the nuts and bolts, the hands that do, the pieces that come together to be more than they started out as.

The processes that direct your company’s operation singlehandedly determine the limits of your team and the quality of your product. A good process will create efficiency and consistency. A good process can make an average team great. A bad process will create chaos. A bad process can paralyze the greatest team. Good processes facilitate growth; bad processes prohibit growth. I saw it time and time again. Process is a “make or break” part of any business.

When it was my business, where I ultimately had to answer for everything that “went out the door”, my focus was on running a business ingrained with good processes. Over the years, I learned that good processes could easily be differentiated from bad ones. A good process meets these three criteria:  

  1. It is trainable.
    A process is trainable if you can teach it to someone who didn’t know it before.

  2. It is retainable.
    A process is retainable if after learning the process, a person can remember it with minimal effort.

  3. It is scalable.
    A process is scalable if it can be deployed across many teams, departments, projects, or other units that multiply as a company grows.

What I found was that a good process was the answer to many of the challenges I faced as a business owner. Whether it was an issue with our team consistently performing a task accurately or a bottleneck created by too few people knowing how to do a specific task, implementing a process that was trainable, retainable, and scalable helped my business grow – and grow strong. What I didn’t anticipate was how it would help my team flourish. The clarity and structure created by our processes allowed people at all levels in the organization perform above their own talents. In every area of our company, our processes elevated us.

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