Seven Ways To Make People Love Working For You

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People are always trying to find their place in the work-world.  They will come and go.  But when you finally found a good employee, losing them can be hard on the company.  Your employees are one of your biggest assets.  There are several reasons why someone may want to leave a workplace, but here are 7 things you can do to keep those quality employees and make them love working for you:


1.      Give your employees work that matters to them

People look to pursue something that is meaningful and purposeful in their lives.  They want to do the right thing and make a difference in the world.  They want their company to succeed.  They want to contribute value and be part of something that is bigger than themselves.  So why not give your employees something that matters to them?  Allow your employees to take on tasks that they already enjoy doing and encourage them to discover other abilities.  Take the time to learn about their career goals, and consider what you can do to help them achieve it.

Another element to this is to invest in their development.  When you take the time to invest in your employee, you end up gaining trust, respect, appreciation, and loyalty.  They value your time spent teaching them something they didn’t know before.  This will give them the desire to want to know more and want to be a contribution to the company.


2.      Have clear core values and live them

Every company should have clear core values.  When a company has core values, it defines behavioral expectations and it clarifies how the company expects their employees to perform.  It is easy to have values, but it is entirely another to live them.  You must take your values from just words on a piece of paper to being a part of the company framework.  By giving employees clear values, and living them out, you have given them something to be excited about.  For more thoughts on integrating values in your company, see our blog post on the topic, Incorporating Values Into Your Business.


3.      Genuinely care for your employees

When you show genuine care for your employees, in turn, they will take care of your business. Caring for employees can materialize in multiple ways.  One of these is in getting to know your employees.  Getting to know your employees will make them feel like you care about them as a person, not just a warm body.  When you get to know a little bit about each person in your company, it builds rapport with your team.  Building relationships is one of the most important pieces of caring for your employees.


4.      Recognize and reward

A good leader gives credit where credit is due.  After all, no one likes working for someone who doesn’t show appreciation or recognize them for all the work that they’ve done.  Giving a reward to your employees or team for working hard or completing a huge project gives them a feeling of victory that they’ll want to achieve again.


5.      Provide a fair wage

It may be obvious, but a key element to retaining employees is to compensate them fairly.  You could discourage potential hires away from your company for not providing them with a fair pay.  Your employees wage should be comparable to other position in the same industry. Use tools like PayScale and Glassdoor to ensure you are paying your employees fairly.  


6.      Provide work/life balance

It is important to give your employees the freedom to enjoy a work-life balance.  Now, not all companies may be able to allow employees to work 8:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. If that’s the case, ensure to give employees time to themselves.  Don’t ask your employees to be on the clock 24/7.  Give your employees a work schedule.  Allow your employees to go home after their shift is over and enjoy time with their family and friends.  Separating work life and personal life will keep your employees happy and healthy.  When you provide your employees with a work/life balance, it will help keep them refreshed and ready to take on the next day.  If there is a need to work overtime, ensure that is clearly communicated and that employees understand that it is not going to happen every day.  Giving employees the freedom to enjoy both work and personal life will change the dynamic in your company.


7.      Treat employees with respect

It is essential that every person in the organization is treated fairly and with respect.  A very large factor whether an employee decides to leave or stay with the company is if they have a relationship with the people that they work for and the people that they work with.  Most employees don’t leave their position, they leave their manager/boss.  Anyone at your company should be treated with respect, regardless of their position.


When companies lose quality employees, the rehire process can be long and difficult.  They must search for a replacement, interview candidates, hire someone that will hopefully be successful, train and hope that he or she will be a good fit and add value to the company.  Save yourself the trouble, and focus on these tips to keep the amazing employees you already have. Making  your company a place people love working for is one of the most important things you can do for your employees.

EmployeeMadelyn Dunlap