How To Make Your Employees More Dependable


It’s a question every business owner asks themselves. Why are my people so unreliable? Sure, some individuals are great hires and intimately understand everything about the business, show up early and stay late. On the other hand, it feels as though you can’t trust anyone but yourself. No one truly knows the business like you do, and employees aren’t equipped to deal with problems the way you are. Therefore, employees remain undependable and you remain the reliable business owner. Stop this terrible cycle in its tracks by addressing the two common issues below.

Clear Expectations

One reason employees are not dependable is that expectations are not made clear. If they are not clearly instructed, they will never be able to complete the task in a satisfactory way. That’s not to say you should micromanage your employees – that results in just as much work for you. But it is your responsibility to clearly communicate your expectations.

A key element to providing clear expectations is having structure in your organization. Providing clear structure will help employees know what their role in the organization is. By defining the roles of the organization, including their decision-making authority and categories of work they are responsible to perform, employees can more confidently complete their tasks and make correct decisions.

Right People

A second reason employees can’t be depended on is that you don’t have the right people. As business owners, we intimately understand the trials of finding and keeping the right employees. (Read our blog to learn how we’ve done this!) You will never be able to depend on your employees if you have not spent the time finding good employees. Additionally, even if that employee is a great fit, you must work just as hard to keep them with your organization for as long as possible.

One other aspect of having the right people – you must ensure your team is a good fit with each other. It is true that one bad apple can spoil the bunch, so make sure to clear your team of any bad apples. Having one employee who doesn’t take responsibility and relies on their colleagues too much will create resentment and an unhealthy team environment. If you don’t address these issues as the organization’s leader, you will lose the good employees and find yourself with only the bad ones.


By evaluating how well your company addresses these two elements – clear expectations and having the right people – you will see your employees becoming less dependent on you. The best part? Having a more independent, autonomous company means that you will have more time to focus on the aspects of your business that no one else can do. After all, it’s your company, and it should be run the way you see fit. And if that means you take Fridays off, then go for it. Enjoy the freedom that comes along with having employees who are not dependent on you for day-to-day operations.