Strategies to Keep Good Employees

Thursday, October 4TH
8:00-9:30 AM MDT


About the day

To be honest, we hate networking. We hate the stiffness and small talk and the way it feels like you have to sell yourself to everyone you meet. So we created a non-networking event — a place for business owners to have real discussions about real challenges we all face every day in our work. Sometimes, you need a sounding board with peers who won’t sugarcoat it. Sometimes you need to recharge with people who get what you’re going through. That’s why we decided to host this breakfast.

Why Should I attend?

If you’re looking for people who get straight to problem-solving and brainstorming and want to avoid all the fluff of “networking,” join us for breakfast. Not only can you enjoy some tasty eats at this free meeting, you can also talk to other local business owners about their companies. Plus, you can get out of the office for a second (like you’ve been saying you’ll do for years) and invest in your own growth as a professional.

Like we said, this isn’t a networking event. It’s an opportunity to have open conversations with other individuals about the unique challenges entrepreneurs encounter. We want to create a space where you can come and not worry about having to put on a face in order to better yourself and your business. Bring a friend, colleague or peer if you want, but leave your elevator pitch at home.

What will we discuss?

We find that it’s helpful to have a main topic to focus the day on. In this month’s Business Owner Breakfast, we’ll take a look at employee retention—an issue that can plague any good business owner.



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