Is your business Too reliant on you?

It doesn’t have to be

Your business’ survival has depended on you since its inception. You’ve had to make the decisions. Progress is never made without you.  You had to dip into your personal savings to keep the business afloat.  You tossed and turned at night, worrying about paying your people.  You parted ways with employees - good and bad - for various reasons.  You took the leap of faith to invest in that new location, new technology, new vendor.  You've been doing this alone for so long, it's foreign to you to think of doing it any other way.

But there is another way.

Just like you, we too have carried the weight of business ownership.  The owners of The Capitalist Alliance have endured the pains and challenges, as well as the thrills and triumphs of building successful companies.  In hindsight, we could've grown those businesses more quickly if we had already learned the lessons that it took decades to acquire.  Now, we bring these insights and techniques to our Ally companies to help owners create more self-managed businesses to achieve a more sustainable work-life balance.

The Capitalist Alliance team and strategic partners bring vast experiences and broad knowledge to business owners, offering guidance to build more autonomous businesses.  Our proven methods deliver a high-performance culture, sustainable and scalable infrastructure, clear and powerful brands, and profitable, strategic vision for your organization.  For businesses to reach their potential, we believe organizations must mature to be autonomous from their founders and owners.  We also believe that for the owners to perform at their best, they must always be duplicating themselves by teaching and growing their replacements.

Freedom helps owners reach a new level of autonomy in their business, so they can stop only working “in their business” and start working “on their business.”

The TWO-step Freedom℠ process

Freedom is comprised of two main steps:

  1. Freedom Assessment
    The 2-3 week Freedom Assessment examines your business to identify the most impactful improvements that can help your organization become more autonomous. Our methodology uses the 10 Foundational Areas of Business to identify strategic, tactical, and operational improvements and initiatives. You receive a list of opportunity areas along with our recommendations and work with you to determine which of the opportunities are top priorities.

  2. Freedom Implementation
    Once the top opportunities are identified, you have the option of working on those within your business resources and only engage us in the areas where your resources are limited. We utilize our various experience as seasoned entrepreneurs and our proprietary tools to help business owners implement the Freedom-enhancing changes. Many of these initiatives will require us to work closely with your existing team so that the changes are integrated into the day-to-day operations of your company. For certain opportunities, our team will be the primary resources responsible for implementing the improvements.

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