Small Office Cloud Solution

We believe in leveraging technology to improve performance and reduce technical risks. And while many small businesses agree, most do not have the technical skills in-house to identify and implement technological solutions that can help protect and improve the business. Now, The Capitalist Alliance can help your business collaborate and work more efficiently through Small Office Cloud Solution.

What is Small Office Cloud Solution?

The Small Office Cloud Solution is a data storage system that provides clear advantages to many small business computer environments.

  • Files are centrally located on a shared storage device, with flexible and scalable security and permissions
  • Files are easily accessible remotely from desktops without the additional cost of VPN licensing and headaches
  • Files and documents available on smart phones and tablets
  • Data is encrypted end-to-end in transit
  • Cloud software handles data backup, so no extra software expense is necessary
  • More cost effective that a full on-site server solution

The Capitalist Alliance will implement this solution in your office. The installation and setup typically takes only a few hours.

How does it help me build an exceptional business?

Many business experience the technology headaches and risks below:

  • Critical company data is stored on an individual desktop computer
  • Sharing data between employees is difficult because there is no shared storage area
  • Company experiences challenges when using Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, including when collaborating with multiple people on creating a common document.  Additionally, the aforementioned solutions still keep data on your computer.
  • Company either has no data backup process in place, or only backs up to media stored onsite
  • Employees remote access requires the use of a cumbersome VPN connection
  • Employees are not able to access sales presentation materials, client documents or other company information when in the field

Eliminating these headaches can make your employees more efficient inside and outside the office, while reducing the risk of lost data and potential lost revenue and profits from downtime.

What is my investment?

Our Small Office Cloud Solution investment begins at $1,800 and includes the following:

  • 2 TB NAS Drive
  • Up to 10 employees / computers
  • Transfer data from PCs to NAS Drive
  • Basic “best practices” folder structure
  • Set up of Egnyte accounts for all users
  • Schedule Syncing of data to Cloud
  • 1-hour group training session for all users
  • 2 hours of support following installation

The Capitalist Alliance wants your business to use technology to improve performance and reduce technical risks.  Contact us to learn more about how the Small Business Cloud Solution can resolve issues regarding data storage, file sharing, backups, and remote file access for your company.