Do You lack the time to grow your management team?

Let us fill the gap

The 20% of your organization in the manager/supervisor level oversee the performance of 75% of your company.  No business can reach its full success without effective managers and supervisors.

These key individuals in your company need to be grown and developed. The most common reasons owners struggle growing their management team are:

  • They don’t have the time due to other responsibilities

  • It’s not an area of personal strength and don’t enjoy it

  • They don’t have a process or materials to do it

Regardless of the reason, we can help fill this gap through Mentor℠.

Think of Mentor as a personal coach for your management team.  Mentor connects one of our Principals with a small group of your managers to discuss and work through the challenges they face with leadership style, personnel challenges, personal growth areas, and many other topics.

The Mentor team is led by our Principal who has decades of experience managing people of all backgrounds and creating highly-engaged, high-performance teams. 

A strong manager/supervisor team not only helps your business to be more profitable, it also enables the organization to be more autonomous, providing the business owner with more freedom.

Ready to start growing your team?

The mentor Investment

Mentor costs $1,800 per month and includes:

  1. Two 90-minute sessions per month with the Mentor team, led by our Principal who specializes in team management and interpersonal communication. These meetings are held onsite, with up to 4 managers/supervisors.

  2. Monthly updates to the CEO regarding progress, achievements, and potential areas of concern.

Give your managers and supervisors a consistent mentoring support system to grow them into the leaders you need.

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