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Are you thinking of selling your business in the next few years?  If so, you need to be taking purposeful steps today to maximize the likelihood that you can close the deal, and that you get the most value out of the business when you are ready.  Our unique Stage process delivers a clear plan on how to boost your company’s value, and our team of seasoned entrepreneurs helps you effectively implement the key opportunities to position your business to be attractive to potential buyers.

Similar to staging your home before putting it on the market, Stage positions your business for a successful exit by examining your business to identify areas that need to be proactively addressed and opportunities for a significant boost in its value.  

The complicated process of valuing a business also makes it challenging to know which areas to focus on that will dramatically impact the business’ value.  It’s like knowing whether to update your home's kitchen or master bathroom.  As entrepreneurs who have personally experienced the valuation process, we bring the perspective necessary to make optimal decisions on where to focus the improvements. We don’t just point out the challenges your company faces, we roll up our sleeves and help you make the improvements a reality in your business. 

Stage will boost the value of your company and position it to be attractive to potential buyers.  Don’t think of selling your company without Stage.


The two-step stage℠ process

Stage is made up of two steps:

  1. Stage Assessment
    This 2-3 week business examination identifies the improvements that can generate the greatest boost in your business' value. Our methodology uses the 10 Foundational Areas of Business to quickly identify strategic, tactical, and operational improvements and initiatives. You receive a list of opportunity areas, along with our recommendations on how to best Stage your business for an eventual exit, whether soon or years in the future.

  2. Stage Implementation
    Once the top opportunities are identified, you have the option of working within your business resources and only engaging us in the areas where your resources are limited. We utilize our various experiences as seasoned entrepreneurs and our proprietary tools to help business owners implement the value-boosting changes. Most efforts will include working with your existing team, while certain opportunities can be implemented primarily by our team.

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