Have you wondered what your business is worth, but don't know Where to start?

Let us do the math

Value is The Capitalist Alliance’s confidential business valuation service.  Value empowers business owners by providing an initial range of value for your business using multiple valuation techniques.

Just like weighing yourself at the beginning of a diet, you must know the value of your business today in order to make decisions that will get you where you want to go in the future.

While not every business owner is looking to sell their business today, or even in the near future, knowing the value of your business gives you a starting place – a point from which to measure future growth.

Maybe the results will show you what you hoped.  And even if it doesn’t, you will be better informed.  Knowing is half the battle. Don’t go through another year without knowing the value of your business.  Get Value today.

The Value Investment

Value costs only $500!  Within 10 business days of submitting the form below, you will know the value of your business. We also discuss ways to add to the value of your business. 

What you get:

  1. A valuation range for your business using industry-standard methods

  2. A video conference with our principals explaining the valuation

  3. Help in determining if the value is where you want it to be

  4. Ideas to increase your company's value

Be prepared for the future.  Know what your business is worth with Value

Get Value

Fill out the form below to get your business Valued! You will then get an email directing you to a web page where you can provide your business' financial information for the valuation.